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Originally Posted by Tennisspieler View Post
Couldnt agree more. I also think that Pacific deserves credit for putting lots of advanced technology in their frames that seems to actually work. And I like how they keep improving it.

IMO, Pacific is one of the few racquet manufacturers whose frames offer both: the maneuverability, spin-friendliness and power of modern sticks and yet the superb feel, stability and control of more traditional racquets.

As you mentioned, itís great to see that Pacific doesnít bother changing the looks of their racquets every new season, unlike many other companies. I think that puts even more focus on the excellent performance of their racquets and on the enhanced tech.
If I liked the cosmetics I would agree with you, but I would have been pleased had they changed the paintjobs on the new line. The graphics are a bit busy for my tastes. Also, although they are touting this new form of basalt, they give no real information on how its better than the basalt they were using before. The brochure above gives the typical marketing department nonsense-speak that's meant more to bamboozle than inform. Maybe it's legit new tech, maybe not, but they've given no info yet that would enable a consumer to determine if it's bogus marketing exageration or real tech that will have an impact on their game.
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