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Originally Posted by royfrombigd View Post
Just got my pair of 99s on Wednesday. My concerns over it being a "toy" were unwarranted. This thing is for for real and my first impression was just how solid it felt overall. I was hitting with new Blade 16x19 and even though the Steam is a completely different hit, the weight/balance wasn't that far off from what I'm used to. Yes, lots of tinkering around will be required with technique and strings, but I just don't care right now. My one questions is has any dared try it with natural gut? I'm not a string breaker and usually use 17G Babs VS. Thinking 16G might work like a charm for and I won't have the concerns over tension loss. Sorry if the question has been answered in this thread, but I don't have time to look through the 77 pages of posts. What's the record for longest thread? This has to be getting close. I've not seen this level of excitement before on the boards.
i tried JGads' TW demos when we hit and i completely agree with this. i had a few WTH balls that launched and landed long, but overall, it hit well until the mains started moving like crazy. it's very solid for sure and offers good meaty feel. lacks the hollowness that is characteristic of the Babs APD and PD sticks.
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