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Originally Posted by Centerforward71 View Post
Again I agree with all above. Net clearance also means more loop and more time for opponent to get to ball and to read its path. Flatter trajectory with sufficient spin for control and weight of shot at least to me is still more effective shot than the loop spin unless your Rafa, but does require cleaner strokes. Like I've said before this is a players stick not a game improvement one but a true weapon in the right hands.

By the way I forgot to mention that my first use with this stick was on clay and I will tell you that this is NOT a clay specific stick for the obvious. This is a faster surface type stick again in my humble opinion. Doesn't mean can't be used on the clay but I could not produce certain shots that I can with my speed mp315 16x19, specifically the big kick and top spin serve and the heavy top short angle shots were a lot touchiest and harder. I'm gonna go pretty low I got a feeling this stick will really wake up with low 40s. Maybe even 40poly /44 syn cross or gut cross.

This stick has more to give than with the run of the mill 50lb poly. I'll report back when I try. What have you used string and tension so far ?
Totally, a heavy low trajectory ball is more difficult to anticipate, this really shines on a hardcourt, I've hit with head sonic pro, and going to try it with cyclone 1.25, which I feel will be great.
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