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For all the popular team sports (hockey, soccer, football, etc) each team is a separate business, an separate franchise. Some of the franchise may own a team in the female league but not all. But can these franchises afford to double millions they give to the players, by giving the female team the same amount as the male team? Lots of franchise teams in lots of sports would go bankrupt.

Whats the next answer? The male sport teams get pay cuts? Split half the player salary between the men and women teams? Well this would only be possible if the franchise owns a womens league team. If the franchise didn't own a female team would they give their millions of revinue to another business (franchise)?

What if every team franchise owner and every player in every sport agreed to take a 30-40% pay cut to give to female players, all except 1 stubborn team? That 1 team that would refuse would have the highest salaries for male players and thus attract the best male players who want the highest pay.

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