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Originally Posted by North View Post
I don't know about those proportions, but you are right in that premise. And, really, if the tournament is open to the public (different story if access is controlled in a private setting), I would think anyone has the right to film at will. It may be one of those "parent paranoia" things (don't ask who made that nifty little phrase up lol) that you can't help but think about from time to time.
You're right. I'm not sure about those proportions as well, but I do believe in that premise.

You're also right that if a tournament is open to public spectators and filming isn't explicitly forbidden, then it's open game to film players regardless of how they or their parents feel about it.

I also think you're right about parents' objections to filming of players being a "parent paranoia" thing regarding tennis parents. I haven't come across any football, basketball, volleyball parents crying "foul" with regards to their kids being filmed.
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