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Originally Posted by vsdtrek View Post
I used to love NBs and haven't purchased any for probably 2 years now. The 1002s were fantastic and I have a bunch of 1030 running shoes for kicking around. I think they have changed the lasts on many of the shoe models to this PL-1 shape and for my foot, it just doesn't work. Even the various replacements in the 1000 line have been a mess from a fit perspective.
The shoe last/shape issue is a great point...totally forgot about the 2 different New Balance lasts. That's why I never wore NB running few were made with the #2 last (more curved/less straight). Brooks and Saucony seem to fit my foot best RE running shoes. It seems like all the NB court shoes use the PL-1 last, which is a bummer. I've been using Asics indoor court shoes for a while and the Gel Resolution just molds to my foot.
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