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Originally Posted by mrmike View Post
I am a big guy also and have a pair of 996's on the way. Had ordered a set of GR4's, got a great deal on them but they just didn't fit my wide feet. Hope these will work ok, but I may return them also if the cushioning seems inadequate. I will pound them into submission in a hurry if they are weak for cushioning. I am usually skepical of shoes labeled lightweight, but I had to try them out. Right now I am wearing NB 656's which are pretty much spent.
Us big guys can always dream about flying around the court in lightweight kicks. In my line of reasoning, since I'm a big guy, a midweight shoe (like Asics Gel Res) is relatively light. Maybe like a 150 pounder wearing the NB 851? That's how I like to think about it, anyway.
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