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Originally Posted by El Diablo View Post
Figure skating is on network TV on Sundays throughout the winter, and sometimes other parts of the year as well. I think it is more relevant than the gargage studies you are citing -- the ones about frequency of website browsing usually tell us more about which sports are of gambling interest than what is being watched.
You know that the AP "study" was not based on viewership number right? It was based on a survey of individuals just like the harris pole was and just like the espn poll linked below. They are not based on website hits like you're suggesting.

Find me one... just one recent survey or viewership stats that shows figure skating as the 2nd most popular sport. <- USA Today article talking about the fall of figure skating
^Figure skating on NBC beat out on Fox by UFC of all things, UFC! And this was the National Championships last week.

Honestly, you are either delusional or just arguing for the sake of arguing if you think figure skating is still the 2nd most popular sport in the US by viewership or by popularity.

I mean jeez, even people on a figure skating forum aren't this delusional.

But, hey it's on network tv it must be popular. Fact is more more than couple golf events and even horse racing made it into the to 50 this year. Figure skating? None. Not even it's most popular event. You really think annual viewership is above that of MLB, NBA, NCAAB, and NCAAF, NASCAR when they can't get one of their events to make the top 50 most viewed of the year list? Unless of course you believe annual viewership isn't correlated to event viewership at all lol.
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