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Default you are in the right location to receive your serve, but you are looking down and shuffling your feet? sounds like an intentional delay in order to get into the server's head. How long are you looking down and shuffling your feet?

Once I am in the right location, i am ready to receive serve. If i am still walking to get into the right location, i am NOT ready, and will indicate I am not if the server tries to serve.

Originally Posted by Ironwood View Post
I play mostly club doubles, and in our competitive club level play there are a couple of fellows that like to quick serve to gain an edge. When is a player considered ready to receive service.....when he considers himself to be ready or when standing in position to receive? When readying to receive, I typically shuffle my feet to position with my head looking down then lift my head to get ready to receive. With one oponent yesterday, notorious for rushing his serve, I would often look up to see him already in motion. I called out twice in one set I wasn't ready, on his other rushed serves I was able to quickly focus and play the ball. His response was my feet were stationary and I was facing him to receive....but he went into his service motion with my head still looking down at the court. My service ready motion isn't overly slow or deliberate...he just quick serves. How should I deal with this.

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