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Originally Posted by blakesq View Post you in the right location to receive your serve, but you are looking down and shuffling your feet? sounds like an intential delay in order to get into the server's head. How long are you looking down and shuffling your feet?

Once I am in the right location, i am ready to receive serve. If i am still walking to get into the right location, i am NOT ready, and will indicate I am not if the server tries to serve.
I get what you are saying, but I've played against quick servers too... as I am walking back to receive, as soon as I turn around to get ready they are in their service motion. Was I in the serve spot? Yes. Was I ready? No. Was I causing an un-reasonable delay? No. Quick serves are a tactic I don't use, but I could see how it would give someone an edge... its another form of gamesmanship.
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