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Originally Posted by high and deep View Post
someone at my club is training his kids with the tennissmith online program. The kids are all very good players. The father is very dedicated with it and the videos that I have watched seem easy to follow.
Checked tennissmith and a few preview videos there but found them too complicated without need. This is one common threads I am seeing everywhere - over analysis and trying to project each move as an overly complicated piece of science that somehow needs a PhD in biomechanics to understand.

Originally Posted by tennisbuck View Post is a good website. Lots of new articles every month. I wouldn't call it a specific training program though. Either way its still one to check out.
Read a few articles but found $20 per month only for a few new articles a bit too steep for my requirement. Good stuff though and not sure if paid subscription has much more details than whats showcased in samples.

Originally Posted by schang70 View Post
I'm looking for similar resources myself for my 7 year old daughter. I am probably going to try Oscar Wegner's MTM DVDs. I have heard good things about them.
I have also been impressed by Oscar Wegner and his focus on keeping things simple, but the way the tennis universe is divided in their opinion on him, I am a bit confused.

I checked tennisoxygen videos on youtube and found them to be very interesting and looked simple to follow without a lot of jargon or science thrown in. I checked FYB and jeffsalzenstein also and liked them as well but seemed like more advanced stuff and not sure if it would be a good thing to start with. I am more keen on stuff that talks about a lot of drills and basic techniques and how to develop them. Will wait for real life feedback from some parents to zero in on one.
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