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Originally Posted by newyorkstadium View Post
I have measured my Gel Game 3 using the linked method. I tried both the paper and bar clamp method.

Strangely, when measuring with the ruler method I get different measurements when measuring the right inner fabric and the left. I wasn't placing the ruler on a ridge either. This was true of both the Gel Game 3 and Vapor 9. I will list my measuring methods and results

Vapor 9
Bar Clamp/Paper method - 2.9-3.1
Ruler method - 3.0-3.7

Gel Game 3
Bar Clamp/Paper method - 3.2
Ruler method - 2.5-3.1

I will have to order some digital calipers, to find out whether the bar clamp method is right. I've given up on the method. It's too inaccurate.
I haven't tried any of these methods, so I don't have a feel for the difficulties.

I know with some shoes the insole has somewhat of a heel cup (perhaps the midsole, too?) which is going to make a difference if you don't measure at the center of low point of the heel cup.

The clamp method shown seems like the same as one of those bar calipers with an extension. I think there will always be some margin of error depending upon how the insole is pressed in the shoe, though I'd think the distance would be fairly consistent from shoe to shoe with modern manufacturing.

Still no one with a Nike shoe has posted a measurement?
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