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Originally Posted by Mulach View Post
I switched to the Graphene Speed Pro and am absolutely loving it. Before that I was using the IG Prestige MP and before that the IG Prestige Pro.

I'm scratching my head a bit at those that find top spin to be lacking. I only find lack of top spin when I swing too flat for the situation...which I think is to be expected. It could be that the deflection angle is lower than some are used to coming from a more open string pattern. Swing faster and problem solved, IMO.

Andy is dead on. I admire his game, respect his opinion and happen to agree with it based on my experience with this stick, so far. Power, spin control and touch are all "just right" on the high side in my book.

I'm still getting used to the higher SW but it feels pleasantly light in hand and easy to swing ground strokes. At net I notice the higher swingweight most and miss time some reaction volleys.

I'm currently with a full bed of 4G at 52lbs.

I'm rated 4.0 and play USTA singles. Approaching 4.5 in my optimistic assessment
Let's see, I play with 18x20 racquets, with scary( if you allow me) swing speed, and with a full western to hawaian forehand grip, so I get all the top spin I can need, too much sometimes. Simply put the previous version has more spin potential. Much as I admire the work of the Tw crew, and they're truly helpful, the final goal is to sell. Finally kudos to you, you got yourself an awesome frame.
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