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Originally Posted by bosssauce View Post
Good buy!!!!!!!!!!!!1
haha thanks man! been waiting for my black/volt cb 4.3's to wear out so I can get these!

Originally Posted by Borrelli View Post
Nice. First non heinous colorway that i've seen in a long time.
haha I agree... last year's colorways are all iffy... the black/yellow murray shoes are my next target =D

Originally Posted by Irrelevant View Post
^that blue looks really crisp...maybe I shall buy a pair...
its a lot more crisp in the sunlight, it really shines blue when some rays get on it!

Originally Posted by T21D View Post
Damn you! I've been holding and holding and finding every excuse NOT to buy this particular cw.

Size 10, add to cart, checkout.
HAHA I was in the same position! I kept waiting for the price to drop and finally added it when it was 79! I actually got 2 pairs ^_^
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