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Originally Posted by beernutz View Post
It was a waste of time for you but maybe not for the team playing up as they got the opportunity to play against better competition than they usually face. Depending on the DNTRPs of the participants and the scores they might even improve their ratings when losing both sets.
Depends on the actual score. If the team playing up got bagels and breadsticks, then most likely there is not going to be any significant change to the DNTRP of anyone involved.

But if it was closer, then you're right, the losing team could have improved their rating at the expense of the winning team.

If not close, then it is a waste of time and not the reason why we play USTA. We play / should be playing for competitive matches not for one-sided affairs.

Actually I must admit that when I come across a much weaker player in USTA (and I play mostly singles), I tend to lose focus and/or get bored and/or work on my 'B' game, so the score ends up being less lopsided than it should. Probably this hurts my rating but doesn't really matter since I'm resigned to staying 4.5 without any chance of ever getting to 5.0.
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