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On a slightly ironic note, I played in a USTA match last night where the team was playing up, and definitely put their best players at #2 doubles in the hope of winning one match. That turned out to be a close match, but the #1 doubles that I was playing was far from close. I guess I now better understand the frustration as this was a waste of time, but league play is far from perfect so I guess I will take the good with the bad.
The USTA does have provisions for rules on the level make up of the players on a roster, but I think it is at a section's discretion to implement it. In the PNW section, for Adult 18+ and 40+ leagues, at least 50% of a teams roster must be "in level" at the time of each match.

This of course doesn't stop a team from having a roster of 16 or more, 8 of which are playing up, and running out those 8 for a given match, as I don't believe there are rules for who from a roster can or must be played (except for the "plus" leagues of course).
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