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Originally Posted by bethany2 View Post
This whole thread surprises me! I'm shocked that this is even an issue or question!

Would you all have as much of a problem if the woman was the stronger player and was going after ("hunting") the weaker player on the other team?
Hey, it surprised me too!

I can see easing up some if (1) your male partner hit the opposing lady already and feels bad or, (2) you are winning easily and you don't want to look like you are kicking a weak opponent when she is down.

What I can't understand is some blanket rule about not hitting at a woman in 8.0 mixed.

And . . . where is this blanket rule when I play mixed? I swear, guys hit at me *all the time.*

If there is a rule, can we maybe get it posted in large print so all the guys are working out of the same playbook?
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