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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post

I beg to differ with Andy Murray. I think he's perhaps the most versatile player in tennis today.
he's not , federer is still playing ...

Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
He has a huge first serve if he want to go for it. He's improved his second serve. He has a nice variety of spin and angles. He can drop shot very well. Brad Gilbert believes Murray may be the fastest man in tennis although Nadal and Djokovic may sustain it better over five sets. I think his volley is very good and he has good hands at the net. Of course he has one of the best returns in tennis with solid strokes on both sides.

Of course Murray often doesn't use all his skills but at least he has them.

I like Djokovic but it seems to me that he is not as versatile as Murray.
yeah, problem is murray doesn't use/display his versatility enough ... he rarely plays aggressively. I thought maybe he was going to turn over a new leaf after the semi vs federer @ the AO, but he went back to playing pusher tennis vs novak in the final ....

while he has better hands than novak @ the net, he comes in quite a bit lesser than him ....

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