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At any decent level of tennis, when you're forced to hit your passing shot or lob reply from behind the baseline, the net person has at least a good chance of getting to the ball.
Now, a low dipping pass, it's OK if they get to the ball, as you would likely get another chance to pass him.
A higher faster pass attempt usually has close to 50% of cleanly passing him, and you can still get to some of his weak replies.
But at any decent level, when you lob from behind your own baseline, you give the netperson some kind of overhead, unless you bounce the ball perfectly 4' from his baseline and keep it low bouncing. Basically, any shot of an overhead is a forcing shot or clean winner.
Lobs work well at lower level, but that's all.
But EVERY level needs the threat of the lob, so the netperson doesn't crowd the net.
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