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Originally Posted by cluelessmoose View Post
Well if I went back to a more closed pattern I'm just going to go back to the apd since I am comfortable with it. I just wanted to see if I could get this "game changing spin" racket to work. I must admit, the frame is game changing due to it's spin untill the strings lose their tension. For professionals who can afford to change strings every 45mins, this may be the racket of the future.
I'll have to see how it pans out for me, but I didn't have any issues in my one week with the demo. ALL POLY's loose tension quickly though, so the same argument could really be made for anyone who uses poly and doesn't want to restring often. I guess the extra open pattern just magnifies this issue? I would say that if the Lux 4G 15S doesn't work for you, then nothing will and you should just move on. 4G is rated the best in tesnion maintenance and the 15g is very durable.
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