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Now some are going to say these automatic drop weights are consistent. I am going to say you can't not set a drop weight of any kind to a specific value within +/- 0.1 lb 3 times in a row. Maybe +/- 0.5 lbs would be good. If that's the best you can do then why not just use a normal drop weight and forget paying the extra money for "automatic drop weight" marketing jumbo jumbo.
Hi Irvine,

I think that we had this discussion about the accuracy of auto drop weights and electronic machines before.
The “smoke curtain” of any electronic machines is that it “makes the stringer think” that it is very accurate within +/- 0,1 lbs because it has the digital display.

In praxis it is impossible for the complicated system of an electronic machine to pull on that accuracy and certainly not with the “second pull”:
- The electric motor has to stop pulling at exactly the chosen tension, which is very difficult and which results in overshoot that many electronic machines create.

It is very hard to beat the simplicity of the drop weight and certainly the auto-ones and if the string needs a tiny repull the system does that without a problem and any overshoot.
And calibration is not needed with such a system as long as the earth pulls at the same weight.
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