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Originally Posted by Rabbit View Post
But, the 99S is fun to play with and gets me excited about playing tennis, so it's a good thing for me.
This is exactly what I noticed about this frame as well.

I started playing tennis in 2007, really enjoyed it for a few years, started getting alot better (ended in KSwiss 5.5...before I get flamed, this is NOT NTRP 5.5, most guys in it, IMHO would be 4.5 to low 5.0), played leagues, etc then backed off playing as much (as I started playing another sport).

For the past few weeks as Ive been using this 99S, Ive decided, or maybe remembered, how much fun tennis is, and also have been seeing how I can hit some shots with this thing that I absolutely cannot with another frame.

It also just has a fun feel to it that seems somehow effortless to play with.

So much so, that I actually decided to join back up in the league and really commit to playing more. Which is a good thing as if I dont commit to playing more the fellas in the division I am in are going to seriously kick my posterior!
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