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Originally Posted by ARFED View Post
Really interesting question pc1. Becker-Edberg in 1989 would be a reasonable choice as well. Perhaps Gonzalez and Hoad around 58-59 (Dan Lobb should know abouth this one). In recent times Nadal-Djokovic in 2011 would be close too (imo Nadal`s level was a bit superior in 200.
Hoad and Gonzales believed that they both peaked at the same time, 1958-9, mainly because they had to raise their respective games to play against each other.
There was no one single match which determined their rivalry, although Gonzales believed that the second 1958 Kooyong tour match shifted the balance, and the score was a marathon 4-6, 9-7, 11-9, 18-16, eighty games. (The greatest match ever?)
Gonzales had won the first Kooyong match to lead 5 to 4 in the series, but after this match, Hoad took control, winning 14 of the next 17 matches.
Gonzales reasserted control when Hoad's back gave out at Palm Springs.
The Forest Hills final in 1959 was widely regarded as giving Hoad the edge, but Gonzales won the Sydney final later that year over Hoad in straight sets (this tournament was also billed the Tournament of Champions).
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