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Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
Hey J,
There is A LOT of complaining going on in the racquet forums about the Steam S and poly's. People are saying whatever poly's they put in there lose tension really quickly and then the racquet becomes unplayable until you restring. What have you foound and do you agree/disagree with these accusations? I know people exagerrate a lot and I am hoping this is the case, since I just purchased 2 of these from TW Also, what is your favorite setup so far in the 99S?
Tension loss does seem to be greater in these racquets than in typical string patterned racquets. Is it as extreme as people say it is? I don't think so. Poly's are polys. They'll lose tension at a higher rate anyways. Right now, I have Luxilon 4GS in mine, and it's holding tension pretty well. But 4G holds tension better than most polyester strings to begin with.

I will be putting in Weiss Cannon Black 5 Edge in my other Steam 99S today and we'll see how it plays and holds tension.

As for my favorite string setup, it's 4GS. I love my Polyfibre TCS but the tension lost is magnified in these racquets. I don't think anything but a full bed of polyester would work well in these racquets.

Jason, TW
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