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I have over 10 confirmed Kirkwood fanatics buds and ettes, all with season passes.
Every time I go there, it's just ....OK.....
Chair 6 is OK. Chair 11 is pretty good, unless it's icy. Backside, and Eside.
Chair 4 is remedial fun, the long hike up to the right is good stuff, but the walk out and traverse sucks. I've hiked to the TOP at least 20 times.
Give me ScottsChute, 75, Top of the Slot, Horsetrails, SunBowl, or the OLD RedDog any day.
True carving is a specialized technique, one that takes superior conditioning and thigh strength, smooth semi step terrain, and sort "old guy" mentality.
Before you get on my case, I AM an old guy, and rode with MikeJacoby/MarkFawcett a handful of days around Tahoe, especially race training practice at the N run off the tall chair at DonnerSkiRanch.
VERY few rec skiers/boarders can carve, even after they've ridden 300 days or more. And the specialized boards/boots needed are not something the REC boarder would procure.
As for CARVING skiers, every skier SAYS they carve. Less than 5% actually do it on a run.
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