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OK, here's the answer:

--Small head size racquets have such high prestige because they were the most common racquets amongst many of our own tennis heros from the 80s and 90s. They were the tools of the "professionals" and so therefore they have this mystique about them.

That's all. They're not "better racquets", they aren't even the "best" racquet. They are the "classic" racquets from a long time ago when the game was different than it is now. They were the standard frame for a long time and they were the tools that so many top ATP pros won millions of dollars and numerous awards with.

So the question remains: is it right for me? Is it right for you? My answer is: depends on your game. Same answer as a lot of folks here have given.

But in my opinion, I think that heavy, low powered, small head size frames can actually make it harder for amateur players to consistently perform well for 2 or 3 hour long matches in the hot sun -- and keep your UE's low. I think they can cause more harm than good and in some cases actually keep players from performing their best. These classic frames take a lot of skill to use properly.

So yes, it is sexy to use Federer's frame, and yes you may or may not play any better than with a Pure Drive -- but you may be making it harder for yourself to succeed in the long run. These classic racquets require:
--more stamina to wield
--greater hand/eye coordination to really connect with the sweet spot
--excellent footwork and timing
--better anticipation of where the ball is going
--better stroke/technique in order to keep the ball in play
--significantly faster swing speed to generate the same velocity as you can with a Pure Drive with a slower swing

Of course, ATP pros have all of these requirements in spades. That's why they can wield them and make magic happen.

But for the rest of us mere mortals, perhaps we need to acknowledge that we are not pros and we are playing for fun, not millions of dollars. Sometimes playing with a "tweener" can make life a whole lot easier.
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