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As an experiment (noted in another thread on this frame somewhere......) I bought a reel of the $33.95 Gosen Polylon 16.

To my surprise.....this stuff plays great in this frame! (I strung it at 59). And, wear seems....not bad at all. Projecting out life (based on notching), Id say this string may last 10-12 sets before it goes pop....which is to say a fairly long time for this frame.

I agree with many others who have posted that Lux 4g is a great string for this frame....but the costs are just too much IMO. Regardless of whether or not someone can afford it, it just gets a little ridiculous.

With Polylon I feel like it plays 95% as good for about 15% of the cost. (I believe 4g is $245 a reel, while Polylon is $34.) This frame is going to be a string eater no matter what any of us does, so I think if we like playing with it enough, its just a matter of accepting the fact that strings wont stay in it long.

As noted by another (smart) poster.....this is probably a good thing. The hidden benefit is that none of us will ever play with a dead (arm hurting) poly. It just wont last long enough to go dead!
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