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Oops, I misread the rule changes

What is the current rule about emailing coaches? My son is a junior. He started to email coaches. One coach answered his initial email, but was silent afterwards. We are wondering if coaches are not allowed to answer his emails until July 1st. Should he continue to email coaches about his academic progress and tournament results?
Recruits may contact coaches by any communications means they choose, anytime.

Coaches may send written materials, including responses to emails anytime after Sept 1 junior year. If you call a coach and you get the voicemail the coach may not call you back. [EDIT: prior to July 1 before senior year] If you call a coach and you get thru to him/her, bingo! The conversation may continue.

Recruits may try to schedule unofficial visits on-campus at any time. Coaches may respond to written requests for unofficial visits. During these visits there may be in-person communication with the coach.

There is a loophole the size of the intergalactic black hole in all of this. If the subject of a communication from the coach is a "camp", anything goes.

Coaches should be kept apprised of athletic and academic updates. Need to walk a fine line show that there is interest, without being a nuisance.

Except for the elite players, if a coach sees that a recruit has listed more than five schools (the max number of official visits) on TRN as "high interest", or has listed most of the schools in that coaches' conference, the coach may think the recruit is trolling and hasn't really thought things thru yet. This becomes more of an issue the older the recruit gets. Probably not an issue for a soph, but by mid-junior year................

I know there are a lot of different opinions about this, but I recommend that by the end of junior year, non-elite recruits list no schools on TRN, or maybe no more than a couple of diverse choices. I think the risk that the coach will be turned off by being dragged into a recruiting war exceeds the reward that the coach is happy that a recruit has listed his school on TRN.

The real way to express interest in a school is to let the coach know personally and privately. Listing a school on TRN is just for opinion, your mileage may vary

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