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Originally Posted by bethany2 View Post
This whole thread surprises me! I'm shocked that this is even an issue or question!

Would you all have as much of a problem if the woman was the stronger player and was going after ("hunting") the weaker player on the other team?
I think it's very rare to have the woman be the significantly stronger player in USTA mixed, so that's why that doesn't really come up.

For whatever reason there seem to be very few women at 4.5 and higher levels, compared to the number of guys at these levels. And even then, if a 4.5 woman pairs with a 3.5 man in mixed and is facing a 3.5 male opponent, the gap in actual ability between a 4.5 woman and a 3.5 male is far smaller than the gap between a 4.5 male and a 3.5 woman.

Of course the situation could come up in social play, but then in social play hunting is kinda frowned upon anyway.
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