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I'd just like to resurrect this thread if I may, as I'm confused by this post a bit.

Originally Posted by nycoara View Post
Kenneth Carlsen too.
I have Kenneth Carlsen's and Gonzales's sticks.

They used Pure Control Competition.
PPC have without Woofer grommets and 1st gen material and layers.

Few top players ( include Sam Stosur) use Pure control 3rd gen with Pure Storm paint, NOT PCC.

Pls check this pics.


I thought Gonzo used the the Pure Control + Swirly (2nd Generation, I think), not the Pure Control Competition?

And as for Stosur, I definitely didn't think she used the one in the above link, i.e., the PC Team (2003 it came out IIRC).

I don't know. Maybe my info is completely wrong, or maybe I've misunderstood what the OP is saying, so if nycoara, or ericsson, McLovin, LP Shanet, Dave M, or other PC connoisseurs could please confirm this to be true/false, give further info, that would be much appreciated.

Also, I'm extremely curious as to Stosur's specs. Does anyone know for sure, or have a pretty good idea?

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