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Originally Posted by robow7 View Post
So a different question or angle, what must the Bryan Bros. achieve to be considered the greatest doubles TEAM of all time? How many majors, how many tourney wins, how many weeks or years at no. 1, or is it even attainable since they play in this era? Seems awfully unfair if there is no way that they can ever achieve that status no matter what their accomplishments.
Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

Give this man a prize!

There is no way to win in this regard (at least on this forum). Too many wins and it is a weak era, not enough wins and you fail to meet the necessary requirements.

Take solace in the fact that given enough time, all the stubborn people who cling to their own eras will go away, one way or another, and records from those eras will be more objectively viewed.

It is too bad that nothing but the grim reaper can cure human ignorance.
Consider the set of all sets that have never been considered.
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