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Originally Posted by Player#1 View Post
Sorry, I left out my setup.

I hybrid it with polyfibre black venom in the crosses.

The setup feels better than a full bed of black venom at 65lbs, but I play better with higher tensions, so black venom at 72lbs plays better for me than monogut zx at 65lbs in the mains and black venom in the crosses at 72lbs.

At 65lbs, it does have some of the same feel as gut; It ends up feeling halfway between a high end synthetic gut and gut.
It's hard for me to relate as I string much lower than you, but your impressions are interesting nonetheless. Thanks. How does the ZX hold up in the mains compared to gut or syngut? Using ZX in the mains with a copoly cross (kind of a poor man's gut/copoly) is one of the things I'd like to try.

Possible uses of Monogut ZX:

1. Full bed. With it's very low stiffness, it may be an alternative to natural gut or powerful multis, but because of it's very slippery surface it may not require much string straightening.

2. As a cross with natural gut mains. This would, going by the lab numbers, be nearly as powerful as full gut, but the slippery ZX crosses should allow the natural gut mains to slide and snapback, generating more spin like gut/copoly does but with a softer feel and more pop than gut/copoly.

3. As a main string with a copoly cross. Using a flat copoly cross like Gosen Polymaster might allow the ZX main to slide and snapback much like gut mains do but the flat cross would reduce notching and hopefully preserve the life of the stringbed.

4. As a cross with a textured copoly main. Using it here to soften up the stringbed like copoly/syngut or copoly/multi, but ZX is not as stiff as either syngut or multi, so copoly/ZX should be even more comfortable and powerful. Also, ZX is more slippery than any syngut or multi, even teflon coated Prince Recoil, so it should excel in the crosses, allowing the copoly main to slide and snapback close to as well is it would in a full bed.

All theory at this point, but we're starting to get some reports on all four setups.
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