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Originally Posted by jc4.0 View Post
The difference in your game and a 3.0 game isn't so ridiculous that you should have to "play down" too much. Having said that - in a friendly match you shouldn't try to humiliate a clearly lesser opponent by playing your most aggressive, in-your-face game. I like to make sure everyone has a fun time, and if I see that one person is being creamed, I give them a break by hitting them some easy shots. If I'm really that much better than them, I should be the magnanimous one, and not worry about who's "beating" who.

And having said that, why would it occur to you that it would possibly be okay to wipe up the court with someone who ostensibly is your friend, just out to hit a few balls? Why wouldn't you always be a mentor, instead of a jerk? If you have to ask yourself the question... you probably know which one you are.
Silly girl.

Which is it? Am I so lame that my 4.0 game is indistinguishable from a 3.0 game, or am I a jerk for wiping the court with my 3.0 opponent with my superior 4.0 game?

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