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If you take a sliding drop weight the weight is placed on a bar at various marks. The difference between 60 lbs and 59 or 60 lbs is probably 1 mm. Are you trying to tell me you can hit that 60 lb mark time after time with < +/- 0.1 mm accuracy every time? If you are I don't believe it. And you are right an electronic will pull individual strings at probably +/- 0.2 lbs but over the entire string bed I would think it is more consistent than always being off +/- 0.2 lbs like an automatic drop weight. Then you have the crank machine when calibrated properly and set to 60 lbs it will lock out at 60 lbs with < 0.1 lb accuracy over and over and over again. Ad oh yet as soon as it locks out the string starts stretching so you will have exactly 5% or 10% tension loss. I guess it all depends on what expert you listen to. There is not law that says I can't pull tension more than once. No matter what kind of tensioner you use once the tension is disconnected you start to loose tension.

EDIT: I guess what I am trying to say is there isn't a best stringer for anyone, and every type stringer from the lowest to highest priced models has its own unique clientele.

EDIT: I would go so far to some some people may string with a big Wilson machine at home and take an X2 on the road with them. One machine is not right or the best for anyone all the time. And if you don't know a lot more than what you can glean from a few posts about the person that will be using a machine how can you identify what is best for him. All I know is he is a home stringer and wants to spend $1-2K. I don't even know what kind of dollars he is talking about.

EDIT: Oops my bad he said 1-2k and I assumed dollars.
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