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Originally Posted by Chemist View Post
The 18s list may look very much like TRN's secret master ranking list. I have a feeling that the list is not very accurate.
I thought the same.

As someone who previously did systems work, I appreciate the challenge of trying to resolve data that doesn't behave, like when player A beats player B, player B beats player C and then player C goes out and beats player A. Juniors do this frequently and match-ups of game types sometimes bring out different things in a player's game. Candidly, if they didn't, USTA rankings would be adequate and TRN plus their other 3rd party ranking brethren wouldn't exist.

It all comes down to the judgments made about how to "weight" certain results over others. That master list, when you look at it, is pretty scary. But if it is at all related to TRN's ranking and you had the time to look into it, it would tell you a lot about how they weight certain results. Judgments are necessary to take lots of variables and produce a single list, but they also have significant influence on how that list ultimately falls. Without transparency of what those weighting factors are (which TRN would probably say is their "special sauce") you basically have to "buy-in".

I did, initially, but given some of what I've seen with results like those I mentioned, I have to remind myself that TRN is a bit of a rear-view mirror. It will tell you where you've been, but can only give you broad strokes about where you are going.
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