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Originally Posted by PureAlph4 View Post
Yeah. For once it's not a panic buy, sniffing around the scraps left by the other teams on deadline day. It's great to actually bring in quality competition for the starting spot, but I hope this drives Kieran Gibbs on, rather than arresting his development.

Spot on about Santos. I think another club will end up picking him up for a knock-down price and end up with a pretty decent left winger.
True stories, Santos is quite good on the ball but his defense is SO bad.

I don't really rate Gibbs(yet) but he's still so young. He seems to be caught exposed too many times still on that side. We never should have let Ca$hley go

Nacho should solidify things back there. Wish we'd get a keeper Sir Chesney is scary at times and has no physical presence directing traffic back there.
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