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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
As for gear, I've SEEN softboot/freestyler's carve 1" lines, but they and I set the bindings closer together and ride bunny slopes. Can't truly carve freestyle gear on steeps. Need the hardboot and raceboard with +140cm edges to really carve the moderate steepness terrain.
Good point about the stance! Slightly forward and narrower is certainly easier to carve. Stances got ridicoulously wide nowadays, mostly due to media constantly pushing freestyle. When your board is 150ish andn stance as wide to almost put you on the nose and tail of the board, there is nothing left to bend into a carved turn...

Good length freeride board with softies can carve pretty good. Look at this guy - from far you'd think he's on hardboots:
or this:

Last but not least, my kid at age 3, on skis:
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