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Default my p90x/insanity review

I just wanted to give an overview of my experience with p90x/insanity

1st off either of these programs would be great to do as I'm sure any workout would be as long as you stick to it.

Bit of a back story
I completed 90 days back in 2009 with my wife, but did not follow the nutrition at all. I got decent results, but none that really showed because I did not eat properly. Did nothing really after that besides run and play tennis as well as other sports.
I am currently finishing month 2 of p90x/insanity hybrid workout with some running and I am dialing in the nutrition and getting proper rest and it's night and day compared to my 1st go around.

The dvd's are challenging and it combines strength training with cardio & yoga. The strength training is broken up in to different muscle groups. Chest & Back, Shoulders & Arms, Legs & Back and then in month 2 it is Back & Bi's, Chest, Shoulders, Tris, Legs & Back. In month 3 you rotate each week. There is a recovery week in between each month as well as at the end.

The workouts are challenging and you get what you put in to the workout. Every move can be modified, but those that great results really bring the intensity each move every workout.

The strength videos are 60 minutes long + 15 minutes for the ab routine. The videos can be shortened to 45 minutes if you don't take 15 minutes to warm up and cool down. Plyo/Kenpo/Cardio X are 45 minute workouts. Yoga is the longest one at 90 minutes, but you can always shorten it by not doing all the moves or subbing in core synergistics in its place which is a 45 minute workout.

I don't recommend skipping the warm-ups or cool downs, but if you are pressed for time you can speed it up. Same with the strength training...if you're done with push-ups fast forward to pull-ups. If you go from 1 move to the next with no break(don't know how you could) you could finish the workouts in 25-35 minutes.

Overall if you follow the nutrition plan and your goal is to bulk up or lose weight this workout can meet your needs.


This workout is more high intensity interval based. I substitute some of the max dvd's in with p90x to form a hybrid routine. Again these videos are also extremely hard and if you can do every move perfect and keep up with the video amen to you!! The 1st month the workouts are around 30 minutes. The 2nd month the workouts get a little longer and little harder around 45 minutes.

If your goal is to increase your stamina or cut body fat this workout will work. If your goal is to gain body mass and muscle you may want to try something else.

Now to my current story. I've been doing p90x/insanity for 60 days and have dropped 30lbs and have seen significant muscle definition. Is this due to the workouts solely? No...what's really made me succeed is the nutrition. Eating 1900 calories a day with 50% protein, 30%carbs, 20%fat and drinking shakeology for breakfast.
I can't wait to see the improvements in my tennis game this year...its going to be djokovic esque!!
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