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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
Woah, Arsenal have signed Nacho Monreal? That's a surprise, but the guy can play. Better left back than Andre Santos, who should be playing on the wing, not in defense.
Great signing. I've seen quite a bit of Malaga, we've been linked with Isco, Monreal and Camacho so i've tried to see as much of them as I can. He's a very good player, they've done well to get him.

Originally Posted by Ross K View Post

I didn't know that about Laudrup/CFC... I've been very impressed with him this year. Mind you, would he fancy it?
I don't think he would fancy it at all! He's got a great job at Swansea, so no need to move. Real Madrid are thinking about him, if he is to leave then i'd imagine it would be there.

Originally Posted by forzamilan90 View Post
Well, Galliani managed to get big boy Acerbi, but he's been a disappointing signing so far. Hasn't impressed at all. Zapata has been good, a bit more consistent than Mexes, who has numerous times single handedly allowed goals to happen. We just got Zaccardo, who despite being a right back can play at CB. CB spot is a bit of a mess, there's no replacing the best (Silva). At LB and RB we are amazing, with Constant and Di Sciglio. If you watch us play though, the CBs frequently mess up on set pieces. Basically every time an opponent takes a free kick or a corner I an expecting them to score aerially. I mean, that's just not Milan football, the CBs were always rock solid.
Watching Milan, the centre backs certainly are the main problem. I think the goalkeeping position is something they need to address too, they seem to make alot of silly mistakes and that can't be good for the confidence of the centre backs. If they get a solid keeper and proper replacements for Silva and Pirlo, things should dramatically improve. I think there are certainly players out there that Milan can go after. A good summer in the transfer market is all it would take i'd think.
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