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That's OK carving for soft boots. By the sound, and if you look closely at the tracks, you can see it's carve initiation with some slipping exit, normal for an expert rider trying to carve with soft boots.
My AvalancheIceRocket has 144 edges, is as stiff as my HotSpot, and a soft boot stance around 19" can cave pretty well.
Soft boots also need softer snow, as in the vid.
I've spent many an hour riding with hard boot guys and their 184cm x 19 raceboards with my softie setup and a 157 twin tip. Initiation of the turns can be close, the the exist skid of the soft setup betrays the nice carve.
Rebound is the same, the same 12' of no tracks between linked turns.
I have 6 pins, plate, and some wire in my tib/fib that lies EXACTLY where the top of the hard boots meet the shin. That's why I've been spotted using softboats (AirWalkFreerides) with my Logical 163 with a 20" stance and almost carving like the raceboarders.
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