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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
No hostility, but it should be based on reality. There are many WTA and ATP players with different kinds of swings. Soderling and DP have big swings.

I have seen many club "Federers" over the years and none of them can hit like Federer. The ones who can are beyond the 4.5 level and have played as juniors. Most would be better off with a "push" forehand than any fancy pull and embedded inside-out action. You are underestimating the wrist strength needed to pull off the FHs of Nadal and Federer. It is fine to say that the wrist is not involved, but in reality it is.
There are definitely different swings, but there are also a lot of commonalities. Soderling has the biggest take back (or the most behind the back), while DelPotro lifts up high but doesn't take it back behind his back. In general most of the other men don't bring the racket back like most WTA players. There's a real difference.

I don't mind players copying pros, because in my experience, even if you copy them, your stroke will look distinct unless you are an unusually talented mimic. As I previously noted, I tried to hit a straight arm forehand but found my body just doesn't do it. However, I think the exercise was still useful, as it helped bring my elbow away from the body at contact (even though there are pros that hit this way - Nishikori).
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