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Originally Posted by vsbabolat View Post
There has been quite a bit variation to the color of the wood on the Maxply McEnroe. I have had some that has been very light in color and some that has been very dark and in between.

1982 Wimbledon is using the lighter color wood reinforcement above the grip. At other times Mac is using a racquet with much darker wood reinforcement. I have found that there has been a wide variety in wood color used there.

A couple from my collection to show the difference

I firmly believe that McEnroe actually used the Maxply McEnroe and that he won the 1981 Wimbledon and US Open with a Customized Maxply Fort.
Great photo! One of the best looking rackets ever made i reckon.

Interesting to hear your opinion, I was only going on what I read previously. I would be interested in seeing a close-up of his racket being used in early 1982.
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