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Originally Posted by Sanglier View Post
Very impressive list! It's interesting how much sports equipment vendors seem to rely on the automobile sales model to boost consumption, especially when it comes to seasonal sports - every year there is a "New and Improved" model of the same racquet (or skis, or bat) that is supposed to perform better than the previous model, when the differences are more often than not cosmetic only...

Did you use a collection of Dunlop sales brochures as reference when you put this list together? How did you manage to pin down the exact year of release for some of the more obscure models?

Any favorite(s) among these?
Thanks, I've only seen a couple of Dunlop Sales leaflets, so I used magazine adverts mainly (year the model was first advertised, I have many magazines) and of course speaking to many collectors and their experiences. Getting the exact year of release for the obscure models was difficult, and a few I'm still not 100% sure of, hence this thread!

As for a favourite, I actually used the Max300i for years, unlike most I actually prefer that!

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