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Originally Posted by paoloraz View Post
Great job jimbo!!

Three (minor) comments (by now):

1) There exist "patent pending" two green stripes Graphite versions with round holes and constant beam

2) I would say that squared holes were introduced in 1985 not 1984...

3) The "grafil injection" version has also another iteration: a standard 200g (non pro) with "grafil" instead of "hysol grafil"...and the improvements introduced by the end of 1990 (longer grip/handle, different grommets in the throat)...I would say it is from 1990...

Well this list is only going to be accurate with the help of yourself, VSB and others

Looking at your points:-
1. Yes I also have one of these, but i would say it is more of a transitional version, like the green/teal version with the 1989 version with the large red "200g" on the side and the 1990 version with smaller red "200g" on the side in a different font. So not a completely different version, but you could say it is! Anyway I mentioned it now in the list.
2. Yes you could be right, but need to hear from others on this to be sure, as I've heard the "squared holes" were available later in 1984. I have changed the earlier version to 83/84 though.
3. This could be another transitional version, I have changed the list to say this, but it could be a completely different version, I'm a bit confused. Could you please when you get a chance, put some photos in this thread of the racket here you are talking about?

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