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Originally Posted by OrangePower View Post
Actually I must admit that when I come across a much weaker player in USTA (and I play mostly singles), I tend to lose focus and/or get bored and/or work on my 'B' game, so the score ends up being less lopsided than it should. Probably this hurts my rating but doesn't really matter since I'm resigned to staying 4.5 without any chance of ever getting to 5.0.
Due to my improving fitness, I have had a lot of lopsided matches recently. I have made a huge effort to not play my 'B' game, and instead try to focus on losing as few games as possible while practicing my weaker strokes. If not I just don't have motivation to play the next time. I've also noticed that when I start with this style sometimes the weaker player completely implodes making the match go much quicker.
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