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Originally Posted by Pro_Tour_630 View Post
Wrist problems most of the time are from overuse,

Hard to tell exactly if ps 6.1 100 is the culprit , it is 65 RDC but has basalt to dampen shock. Is her grip the correct grip size? sometimes too big of a grip is not good and too small of a grip as well. Does she use wristy strokes? are you blasting volleys at her most of the time to improve her net game? Does she have the standard replacement grip that came with the frame? get her a soft replacement from volkl, not leather of course, use a thicker overgrip, use volkl dampener which dampens the string/shock very well. Like I said the strings even at 55 lbs would be harsh for an 12 year old girl if they were 16g even NG 16g, I would recommend 18g biphase at 45lbs, rest for a week and give it a try, if problems persist change frame go heavier 330g more head light 31cm more flex under 60, good luck
Thank you again Pro Tour. Funnily enough her coach let her play with his Aero Pro Drive French Open today and she didn't complain once about her wrist. Of course the fact that it was a limited edition " French Open " racquet gave her a buzz . I have no idea if this could be a long term solution ( there are a few still around ) and it was strung with Pro Hurricane Tour at mid tension. I did notice that she was having to work less hard to generate pace with the heavier racquet
Both on ground strokes and serve. It didnt seem to adversely effect her volleys or overheads either. I believe the strung weight is 320 which is way heavier than the aero pro team she used to use before the Wilson. He suggested doing a cross string with natural gut and the Hurricane at the lower end of the tension range.
What do you think ? It is of course much stiffer than you suggested and she is certainly going to feel special playing with it so there may be a placebo effect !
Out of all the questions you asked I think she should step up from a 1 size to a 2 size grip ( in fact she played with a 3 today but that may be 1 step too far.
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