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Originally Posted by andfor View Post
He means that many JC's have dropped their programs over the years. Much of that activity has leveled off over the last few years. Temple still has there tennis programs so no worries.

They have had a respectable program for years. I have a friend that played their years ago then transfered to a D1 school. I also have a friend whose son played there in the last 5 years then transfered and played D2.

I would approach the coach ASAP. If his roster happens to be low on body counts he may be very happy to hear from you. If you played H.S. or have any playing experience be prepared to discuss it with him. If your ankle is injured and he needs you on the team he may work with you to help you speed your recovery. Go talk with him you have nothing to lose and everything to gain..

Let us know how it goes.
Alright, that's good to know. I will shoot him an e-mail this week so he can evaluate me.

I have played H.S. before.

I hope he does help me recover faster.

Thanks alot!
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