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My 10YO son is starting to get seeded in 12U tournaments and up until now, I would just sign him up and let him play without telling him who else is in the tournament (outside his training friends), who is seeded, who he plays, how old they are, etc, etc. I just wanted him to play without any mental clutter.

Do you think knowing they're seeded helps a kid's confidence going in or puts pressure on them? Curious to hear thoughts and experiences.
It really depends on the child. My son waits for the draw to come out and if he is unfamiliar with his opponent he looks at his opponent's record to see if he can find a pattern to the wins and losses his opponent has had against other kids that he knows. He makes a plan A and plan B. My daughter no longer looks at the draw after she had a near panic attack after seeing that she was seeded number 1 in a local tournament. Her play in that match reflected her anxiety. It was awful. So now she just shows up and plays whomever is in front of her. She doesn't have a plan except hit the ball hard. When she faces a junk baller she is at her mercy because she has no plan B. I like my son's approach better because it means that he has to think on the court. He will make adjustments based on what's happening on the court. Because he did his homework before the match started he never feels helpless.
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