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Default Tennis Southeast Asia; Australia


In 3 days i'm leaving germany to travel southeast asia and later Australia, maybe New Zealand. I'll be staying for about 9 months.

My first station will be Bangkok, from where I'll be heading to Laos, later Malaysia and down to Singapur. I don't know exactly where i'm going to go, and neither do I know when I am going where, that's all going to be decided spontaneously.

So if anyone in the general area wants to play some tennis I'd love to come by if at all possible

Also if there are some coaches out there that you know, or if you're a coach yourself, and you might be needing some help and a co-trainer for a couple of weeks, maybe a tenniscamp or something like that, it'd be great if i could work that way.

If you feel adressed by the above I'd love to hear from you.

To my person:

Im 19 years old, just finished school, and dont feel like going to university yet, that's why i'm going to travel for a while. I have been playing tennis for quite a long time now, and would consider myself advanced level player.
Also i've finished my trainers license last year.


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