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Originally Posted by IA-SteveB View Post
I believe any time you say you played HS varsity, you are automatically given 3.5. Use the appeal online. It only took a few days for me to be denied. They have to take your appeal and discuss it as a committee and they email you an answer and explanation. You can also contact your league coordinator because they may have an inside track to the "committee."
What if he played high school varsity, but he also played in a u.s.t.a. a few years ago as a 3.0 player.

Being a 3.0 player in the u.s.t.a. was more recent - does that not take priority over him playing high school tennis?

Should I be asking my players to self-rate in the future? I assumed since he played u.s.t.a. 3.0 tennis just a few years back it would be simple for him to resign up as a 3.0 player.

Thanks for your help!
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